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Stories of the Quarantine

March 23 - May 1, 2020

EBL will publish a book featuring short stories from people that have been asked to remain in their homes.

Anybody, whether professional, amateur or first-time writer is welcome to participate. There are no restrictions in genre, topic or style.



Stories of the Quarantine

The call for stories will be open March 23 to May 1

Open to all

Any professional, amateur, or first-time writer is welcome to submit their stories, poems or any type of literary work based on their experiences while being quarantined.


An editorial board will select our favorite 25 stories and create an ebook that will be made available to all free of charge.

Tell your story

Some of the greatest works of literature were conceived during pandemics. Shakespeare wrote both The King Lear and Macbeth while in quarantine, and Cervantes started Don Quixote while he was in prison.

We want to give each American an opportunity to channel their creative energy, express themselves, and provide an outlet to see their story published and shared with an international audience.

How to submit

Submissions of any length up to a maximum of 2,000 words can be sent to lockdown@ebl.com. 

We ask that all submissions include your name, email address, and city where you are located.

We look forward to reading your stories!




English & Spanish

Writers will be able to submit texts in both English and Spanish. This event has become a global phenomenon and is receiving international news coverage across the world.