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Find the most frequently asked questions here.

Getting Started

  • Who can publish a book?
    Any author with an original manuscript can publish with EBL.
  • How does the editorial process work?
    Once the package of your choice has been purchased, an editorial consultant will provide you with access to the Author’s platform where you will be able to upload all the necessary material: final manuscript, biography, synopsis, catch phrase, cover idea and a brief overview.

    Upon receiving the material through the platform, we will take all the necessary measures so that your work is published to the highest standards in the market.

    The whole process is comprised of 6 important steps:

    1. Editorial review
    2. Correction
    3. Layout
    4. Cover design
    5. Book sample
    6. Book publishing

    You will be able to follow the whole process through the Author’s platform, see how the layout is going, provide cover ideas, supervise its design, as well as approve or reject each of the files that are generated.
  • How long does the editorial process take?
    The average is approximately 4 months, depending to a large extent on the amount of time the author takes to approve the files during the correction phase, cover design and layout. As well, for packages including professional reviews of your work, lead time is needed so reviewers have time to read and assess your work.
  • What format should I use to upload my manuscript?
    You can upload your manuscript as a single digital file (not by chapters) and preferably as Microsoft Word (.doc) although we also accept Rich Text files.
  • What format will my book be published in?
    All the books in our catalogue can be available in paperback and eBook format in the versions most compatible with commercial distribution platforms.
  • Do I have to create my own book cover?
    Absolutely not! We will work with you, transforming your ideas into an attractive, professional cover.
  • Do I have to create the book layout?
    You won’t have to worry about the book layout, we have you covered. The book layout is included in all our packs and the only thing we need is for your manuscript to be uploaded in Microsoft Word format (.doc) or Rich Text (.rtf) without text formatting.

    We will also create the eBook in the versions most compatible with commercial distribution platforms.
  • What are the ortho typographical corrections?
    The ortho typographical correction is the revision and correction of orthographic and typographic mistakes in the manuscript, done by a professional in the field. This service identifies and corrects orthographic errors; examines the omission or transposition of characters as well as the use of capital letters, italics, quotation marks and other punctuation marks.

    The ortho typographical corrections are included in all our publishing packs; consult each one for individual details.

    This is one of our keys to success. Your readers will have a more satisfactory experience, allowing you to reach further audiences. Also keep in mind, even best-selling authors  have ortho typographical corrections done on their work.

    Another type of correction is style correction which does not change the work style or the author’s writing style, but rather, works in a superior level to the ortho typographical corrections as it focuses on eliminating mistakes and vocabulary inaccuracies, increases the lexical richness, grammatical errors, syntactical inconsistencies and provides more fluidity.

    This correction is not included in any of the packs, since not all the books need it; however, you can request a quote from us should your book require it.
  • What is an ISBN?
    ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is currently a 13 digit number used by publishers, booksellers, bookstores, internet retailers and other supply chain participants for ordering, listing, sale records and stock control purposes.

    The ISBN will identify the registrant as well as the specific title, edition and format.
  • Where is my book going to be available?
    Once the publishing process has finished you will have your own section in EBL web where you’ll find all the links to the platforms where your book will be available such as Amazon, Google Play, Apple books, etc.

    You will also be able to request your book in the majority of bookstores. To see your section on our web you just need to visit EBL web and search for your book using the magnifying glass.
  • What are your content restrictions?
    • Material you haven’t created yourself and which violates the laws of copyright and trademark.

    • Public domain and non exclusive content that can be found freely on the web unless you are the copyright owner of that content.

    • Material that violates privacy, publicity, or any other rights.

    • Offensive and controversial material, such as promoting hate, child abuse and exploitation, violence, pornography, non consensual sex, intolerance (race; sexual orientation; religion). In all cases, our editors’ discretion will hold the final decision. If in doubt, please consult us.
  • What does POD stand for, and what does it mean?
    POD stands for Print on Demand and is a technology that allows books to be printed upon request, in contrast to traditional printing, where large quantities of books must be produced in each print run. With POD, a book order can be easily handled and reach nearly any country in the world, reducing shipping time and costs as well as waste. This is the most environmentally friendly way of producing a book.
  • How is my book going to be promoted?

    This is highly dependent on you. You are the biggest and best promoter of your work. With all the thousands of books entering the market every month, you will need to do everything you can to make yours stand out.

    Many authors think that once the book has been published, their job is over. Nothing is further than the truth, your job is just starting.

    All the best selling authors need to get out there and sell. Just like them, you will need to promote your book to the best of your ability using social media, traditional media, friends and family.

    We will make sure the book is available in paperback as well as eBook, but bookstores will not order it unless they know it will sell and it has buzz.

    We do offer marketing plans with most of our packages, graduating from entry-level promotions to aggressive campaigns with the Best-Seller and Professional Packs.

  • How can I calculate the price of my book?
    You can estimate the price for the printed book based on the number of pages your book has, covering the cost for print on demand. A book with 250 pages will have an approximate minimum price of $17 to $18. The price for a digital book can be chosen by the author, however, we suggest a price within $3 and $9 in order for it to be available on all platforms.
  • Will I earn money selling my eBook and paperback?
    With each of our packages, you’ll have the opportunity to earn money from royalties. Each time your book sells, as the author you are entitled to 80% of the net profits both for the paperback version as well as eBooks, and you can receive the payments monthly. Additionally, you’ll receive 100% of the earnings from the books that are included in your pack, if you choose to sell them.
  • How do I collect the royalties from my book sales?
    The royalties from the sales of your books are paid monthly, when the amount reaches $75. If the minimum amount is not reached, we’ll pay out the amount accumulated once a year.
  • Where can I see my sales?
    The control panel in the author’s area shows the number of copies sold and the platforms from which they were purchased.

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