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EBL is a joint venture of Grupo Planeta and Lantia

Grupo Planeta, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is the sixth largest publishing group in the world. Since 1952 it awards the world's largest literary prize - the Premio Planeta.  The company is also the primary shareholder of the Atresmedia Media group.

Lantia is the largest self-publishing company in the world. Its award-winning platform is used by over 68,000 authors worldwide and offers a single interface where they can publish their works and distribute them in both print and ebook formats across multiple channels and markets.

EBL represents the perfect venture between the most sophisticated self-publishing solution in the market and one of the most innovating global publishers. Planeta realizes the importance of the self-publishing market and partnered with Lantia to launch a premier service for its US customers.



Anyone can publish

We believe that nerdy agents and stuck-up publishers rarely get it right. Share your story and let the market decide.

Quality above all

A professionally published book should always be the start of a literary career. We can make that happen for you.


We will guide you through the entire publishing experience with the best team for each step of the process.

First impressions matter

Your cover, synopsis, catch-phrase and description of the book matter. We will make sure they are the best they can be.

Metadata rules

Metadata is more important than you think. Choosing the right categories can make a significant difference.

International Distribution

Your paperback and digital editions should be available everywhere. Your book should be internationally available from day one