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We know how to get stories to the market. If you have written a book and are ready to kickstart your professional career you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking to get your first book in print or elevate your story through other media we have the right professional services for you.


Hard and softcover books

The convenience of reading on an e-reader is undeniable. But, the feel of a book in your hands is something that cannot be replicated. The weight it holds, the smell of paper, and the satisfaction of reading the last page are all part of what makes reading on paper so special.


eBook & digital formats

Our team of editors can take your stories and transform them into high-quality ebooks that are available across all markets around the world in every ebook format imaginable―all while our marketing team makes sure you always have the best and most current metadata that allows your books to be discovered by readers around the world.


Audiobook production

Audiobooks are a great way of getting through long commutes, spending time on the go or learning new skills since they can consumed while doing more activities.


Our publishing services

Paper copies

We specialize in creating beautiful books in print. We take care of your project from the first sketches to the finished product, adapting our services to fit your needs and liaising with printers on quality, cost and delivery timeframes. No matter what you need printed, we can help create it for you.

We will also help you choose the perfect format for the distribution markets you are pursuing. This aspect, often forgotten, can make all the difference between selling tens of thousands of copies or ending up passing a few copies to friends and family.

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Cover Design

Many things influence the success of a book: quality, genre, interest level. All books should have some sort of cover – even if it is just a solid color background and their title on top in white text. A book cover can be instrumental to its success because it gives readers an impression about the personality and overall feel of the story before they dive into reading it. The more fitting or accurate that impression is, the more it will lead to that reader enjoying what’s on the pages or letting it go for something else.


eBook & Digital Format 

The promise of the digital age is that we can have all the books we want, whenever and wherever we want them. But if you have ever tried to read an ebook on a phone or tablet, you know it doesn’t work so well. The e-ink display and backlit screen can strain your eyes, and the screens are too small for prolonged reading.

This is where our U/X expertise comes in place. We will make sure that your digital edition takes advantage of the latest advances in ePub and mobile designs to adapt your story to the medium.

We will also help you pick the right price, strategy, classification and categories to maximize the amount of readers you can reach. Whether you are interested in being part of exclusive programs such as Kindle Unlimited or going wide and reaching every platform there is a right approach to each one of them.


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