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A winning combination

The best lineup of services for all authors

No hidden fees - No surprises

We know how frustrating it is for authors to find the right set of services. That is why at EBL you only get one simple pricing for all of our services.
Starter Premium Best seller Professional
No hidden fees, no surprises $990 $3,890 $6,900 $14,900
Personalized assistance
2 ISBNs & Barcode
Softcover Edition
eBook Edition
Library of Congress Control Number
Back Cover Copy Review
Back Cover Copy: About the Book & About the Author
Talent Program
Copy Editing
Line Editing*
Final Proofread (1 revision round)
Custom Illustrations
Custom Book Cover
Custom Interior Layout
Electronic Book Proof
Physical Book Proof
Hard Cover Edition
Free Soft Cover Copies (5)
Free Soft Cover Copies (10)
Free Soft Cover Copies (25)
Free Soft Cover Copies (50)
Worldwide Book Printing (Volume Discount Available)
Worldwide eBook Distribution
Agency Services (Books with the Talent Stamp)
EBL Book Page
Book Digital Promoting Kit
Press Release Web Optimized Edition
Advance Reader Copies (eBook)
Book Trailer
Book Signing Kit
Advance Reader Copies (Softcover)
1 Public signing/reading to promote the launch
Personalized Book Promotion Plan
  Get it now Get it now Get it now Get it now

100% Copyright ownership. Royalties set at 80% of the net profit.
*Choose between Copy or Line Editing.
**Prices for black and white books. For color books request a personalized quote. Shipping costs are only included within the United States.


Our guarantee

We will find the right combination of services for you. If your book has a special set of circumstances and you feel you require services that you do not see listed here let us know. We will create the perfect package for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

No two projects are the same, but most questions revolve around the same issues.
  • What are proofreading corrections?
    Any changes that you need done to the final proof once the book has been laid out. They can range from misspellings to additional blocks of text that you may decide to include later on.
  • What is the basic marketing campaign?
    We will review your book's metadata, create a proper synopsis and headlines for all the major websites such as Amazon and Google and submit your title.
  • Where will my book be distributed?
    Your book will be available throughout the US, Europe and any markets where Amazon operates. It will be available through both print and eBook formats, and we will accommodate any requests from independent bookstores.
  • What is an agency contract?

    Our Best Seller and Professional packages offer the possibility to be represented by our literary agency. This is an optional service and you do not have to sign up with us if you already have representation.

    An agency contract means that your book will be marketed in order to sell the rights to potential film producers and publishers in other languages.

  • What is the professional marketing campaign?
    The professional marketing campaign consists of the creation of the press release, a video and written interview of the author, the creation of an agency treatment for your book and the query letter that must accompany it.
  • Will I get a real ISBN?
    Yes. You will get a full ISBN that will enable you
    access to all of the US and international markets.